9th January 2017 |
LogoGeek: 12 Steps to becoming a logo geek

Look around you and you’ll likely see at least one logo. They are everywhere. But if you’ve ever tried to design one you’ll quickly learn that it’s no easy task…

Our new blog series for 2017 however, aims change that!

We’ve teamed up with Ian Paget of Logo Geek to bring you an in-depth 12 part blog series that will teach you not only how to design a great logo, but how to work with clients to get the very best results.

Before we start the series, we’ve had a chat with Ian so you can learn a little more about him, and the series we’ve created for you.

Hey Ian, can you tell the Glug community a little about yourself?

I’m a graphic designer based in Manchester, UK. Part time I work as a Design Director for an eCommerce design agency - the rest of the time I run my own freelance design business, Logo Geek, where I specialise almost exclusively in logo design.


Logo Geek started out as a fun side venture as I had a passion for logo design, but I started to get so many requests from business owners that last year I decided to take the leap of faith and go solo… As part of my business I’ve been working to grow an active community of logo designers (primarily through twitter) who can learn as I learn, share my journey, and become a logo geek themselves.

Thanks to the success of Logo Geek over the past few years I’ve started to be seen as an influencer, and have been fortunate to be on a number of international design juries, including logo lounge book 9, Best Brand Awards, Visual Identity Awards and Transform Awards. I’m also proud to have been featured in magazines including Net Magazine, Photoshop Creative and 99U magazine. It’s amazing what can happen when when you put your work out there.


How did you get into Logo Design?

From a young age I’ve had a fascination with logos… I think most designers do, as you interact with them daily. You’ll find that if you study any logo you’ll learn a deep story behind it’s meaning, and that has always fascinated me. How you can capture so much meaning within a single, simple image? It’s no easy task.

As I progressed into my design career I was occasionally given the task to design a logo, and I always enjoyed working on them. I could make use of my existing illustration skills, but designing a logo was always more than just creating a picture… the process always felt like a journey, and a puzzle that needed to be solved. I enjoyed learning about the business, and exploring potential options. The final ‘eureka’ moment was always worth the effort, and seeing it in use throughout a business is also very rewarding.


My job at the time rarely included logo design - I had a project once every 2-3 months, but it was something I really enjoyed so I started to practice in my free time. I designed logos at first for friends and family, adding my logos to an online portfolio - because I was sharing my work I gradually started to get paying clients. My passion grew… I read more and more on the topic, then started to share my learnings through twitter. It all kicked off from there - as my audience grew, so did my commitment to keep learning and sharing my discoveries. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.



Why write this series?

I believe knowledge should be shared, and as a designer with 10+ years experience I feel I have a commitment to pass down my knowledge to the next generation of junior designers, and to those who want to become better. I hope to inspire people to give it a try, and to see for themselves just how rewarding design can be.

I also have a dream of writing a book about logo design, and have done for a number of years. My problem has always been lack of time, but I plan for this blog series to form the foundations of the book. As I’ve committed to writing this for the Glug community, it’s something I MUST do, so it’s the very push I’ve needed to get it going! If things go well, I’ll have a first draft of the book complete before the end of the year. Finally… it’s exciting. As I’ll get interaction and feedback throughout, it will only make the final book even better! I can’t wait to get started.

What will readers get out of it?

I’ve designed this 12 part series to not only teach you how to design a really great logo, but also how to work with and get your very own clients. I will break down the logo design process in detail, giving you all the information you need to become a logo geek yourself.

The 12 part series will cover:

  • Why logos matter
  • The tools you need to design a logo
  • Creating a bullet proof logo design brief
  • What to research before designing a logo
  • Techniques for coming up with ideas
  • Designing your logo: From sketch to vector
  • Refining and perfecting your logo artwork
  • Presenting your designs
  • Finalising and preparing the files
  • Building a logo design portfolio
  • Promoting your work and getting your first client
  • Learning more - The best logo design books, blogs and resources

I’m excited to be working on this series, and I can’t wait to hear from the Glug community throughout the year.

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