Glug Edinburgh – ‘Collectives’ 12.9.12 (Recap)

Here’s a little bit of a recap and feedback from the Glug Edinburgh ‘Collectives’ night.

Attendee Feedback

Really good mix of speakers, love hearing about other peoples projects, I will go to another

Inspiring, informative, eclectic. Feel very ‘collected’ many thanks.

Very good, loving the venue and the vibe.

Good event, very interested in artists collectives, so Rhubaba presentation v interesting. Nice space and candles.

A great and insightful evening. Cant wait for the next!

Some very interesting people, well chosen. Relies on their presentation skill and mic volume. Some were stronger than others – very enjoyable well done.

Inspiring. But how do people avoid repeating the same collective ‘mistakes’ of the 60’s & 70’s.
Lack of food is an issue. Good speakers, still a bit of a late finish. Maybe an afternoon or weekend event instead, can still be boozey!

My expectations were more about meeting people around few drinks. The reality was much better. Interesting talks and business ideas. Hope you have another one soon, thanks.


Danielle Gordon ‏@dannigordon

Interesting intro to @wearesnook by @rufflemuffin at a Glug @CreativeEdin event at The Caves last night. Recommend a Snook nosey if u can. RuthieJR @SkippyRJR 

@wearesnook Just had a #JFDI moment – thanks – your talk last night was inspiring! @CreativeEdin @barclaydakers

Adam Holt@Adwano 

@CreativeEdin Really enjoyed the #glug event last night, @rufflemuffin from @wearesnook delivered an excellent presentation!

Patrick Hadfield @patrickhadfield 
A really fascinating evening at Glug courtesy of @CreativeEdin - lots of interesting ideas! Thanks!

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Glug – Creative Drinks and Notworking

In a dimly lit room the smell of Jelly Belly Popcorn flavoured jelly beans* gently wafted past me; I found myself in the warm, welcoming, bohemian, chic, medieval-esque Rowantree Vault in The Caves. I’m sometimes surprised by how dry it can be when you throw (supposedly) creative people in a room together. But Glug wasn’t dry. It was comfortable. Glug, the ‘notworking event’, is born out of Creative Edinburgh, a platform to promote the capital’s creative talent.

Their aim: to inspire and ignite working relationships across sectors. The jury is out on networking events but Glug didn’t feel like a networking event, with a well chosen venue and an appropriately diverse and mostly engaging cast. Sarah Drummond – my favourite – spoke passionately, convincingly, on simply getting on and doing it. She is clearly a changer; she, as part of Snook, makes things happen.

Notable mention also goes to Devon Walshe, entrepreneur, publisher and geek, whose talk was the expression of a wonderful mind. What impressed me was that after the event officially ended people still wanted to stay around, by choice. Myself included. I wanted to connect with genuinely interesting people without any agenda.

I walked away thinking “I love the quirky, historic elements of Edinburgh“, “People do truly inspire me“, and “It’s not so scary heading off to an event alone“. And you know what, it’s not, people are brilliant.

*Don’t worry, it was only scented candles. 

Thanks to the @CreativeEdin (website) guys for hosting the event and The Caves. for the location. Plenty more to come, keep an eye on this blog and our twitter. Also join the Glug Edinburgh Meetup to be put on the mailing list.


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