The Art of New Business


You are invited to attend the first Art of New Business event in London on the evening of October 10. The event is a rare opportunity to gain insight and inspiration on how to win new business from leading clients, agency heads, search consultants and thought leaders.

Spaces are limited and you are advised to book your place ASAP.

Speakers and panelists include:


David Wethey, a survivor from the Madman era and author of DECIDE, a book on all aspects of decision making – and now to do it better.

Matt Bird, founder of the new social science Relationology

Phil Rumbol, ex-Marketing Director of Cadbury’s and now founding partner of 101


Kerry Glazer, CEO of AAR Group

Helen Weisinger, Group CMO of EDC Group (Dare, Identica, Elvis and Citizen)

Letty Edwards, UK Marketing Director of Dulux

Jon Evans, ex-Marketing Director of Britvic


The Art of New Business is a collaborative network set up by Karla Morales-Lee (a new business consultant working under the name Hunter & Farmer, ex-WMH, Seymourpowell) and Sarah Cheal, Managing Director of Acquire New Business. They run events in London and Manchester aimed at improving  the way agencies prospect for new business.

Attend the London event by buying a ticket on Eventbrite:

Put your questions to the panel in advance by twitter: @theartofnewbiz

Please note: This is not a Glug event.

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