Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer Book

Neil Leonard is working on a book for Bloomsbury/Fairchild titled ‘Creative Careers: How to become a successful Graphic Designer’ and he’s looking for top tips, interviews and exciting and inspiring work to illuminate the chapters.

Each submission will be captioned, and will include URLs and company names. This could be great publicity for you and a chance to guide the career aspirations of many budding designers.

The book is aimed at recent (and soon-to-be) graduates who wish to pursue a career in graphic design. It’s a very practical introduction to the trade and will cover everything from necessary skills to potential business models. It will be published initially in the US, UK and AUS. Eventually it will be translated for the rest of Europe and the Far East.

The previous book in the series (How to become a successful Illustrator) has sold very well around the world.

BSG_Page_08 BSG_Page_10 BSG_Page_03 BSG_Page_07

All is required is 300dpi, high-res TIFF files of your work and the information you would like included.

Top tips

Also Neil is looking for some short, snappy ‘top tips’ to include alongside relevant chapters. If you have any pearls of design wisdom, please send these on.


Lastly, he would really like to conduct short interviews with people in a variety of design related job roles. Some words from Account Managers, Studio Managers, Copywriters, Developers and more would be a great addition to the book.

Please email Neil here or tweet @neilleonard, this will really be a great book to be involved with.

Deadline: 10th of Feb


Glug Beijing #3 – ‘Which Way?’ – 26.1.15



Glug Beijing is back with another scintillating look into the local and global talent. Grab your tickets for Monday’s event below.

At Glug #3, we’ll chat about “Which way?”, we all want to make great work, but with so many avenues open to today’s creatives, what’s the best way to fulfill your ambitions? Considering taking a job at an agency, going solo or building a brand of your own? Listen to top industry figures explore the pros and cons of each. Also, beer.

Time: 2015.1.26. Monday 19:00-22:00.

Location: Jing A Taproom

Language: English

Ticket: 50 RMB including one beer


  • Alex Acker + Kristian Li, our hosts at Jing A, will be sharing some insight and stories on how they have grown the Jing A brand, and how to draw inspiration from the city;
  • Studio Output’s Jim Fields will be telling the audience about how to set up your own creative business in China, along with all its trials and tribulations.
  • Kathi Guethoff from Serviceplan will present what is like to lead an ad agency in 2015.
  • Martin Barnes, from Mountains of Imagination, will be telling us his story of working as a freelancer in Beijing.

4 talks, 4 angles, one topic: getting creative in 2015.




Glug 2014 Award & Dinner

We recently had a little Glug Dinner at the wonderful Otto’s in Kings Cross to say thanks to some of the guys that have helped us shape Glug this past year.

There was an award voted for by the peers in the room on their favourite piece of creative work from the year.

1. Channel 4 & More4 Rebrand (Man vs Machine)
2. The Garden Bridge (Heatherwick Studio) & Monument Valley (usTwo™) (Joint Second Place)

And here’s Mike Alderson from Man vs Machine wearing his lovely prototype hat which is being designed by Matt Wade at Kin Design. We’ll have more on this soon.


2014-11-28 14.54.28-MOTION



I’ll be back with an update on the past year and what to expect from Glug in 2015 very shortly, keep an eye on the inbox.


Also thank you to Mr Bingo for the rather tame and lovely name cards.


A few photos:

2014-11-28 17.33.32


2014-11-28 14.54.25

2014-11-28 14.54.29

2014-11-28 16.22.06-1

2014-11-28 16.22.08

2014-11-29 13.42.41

2014-11-28 16.22.492014-12-01 11.38.00