Say “Hi/Eh up/Hej/Kia ora/Yo!” to Malin.



My name is Malin and I am the new Community Manager here at Glug. I’m basically here to help out with everything and anything related to the events, our online presence and content production. Oh, and I’m also here to make sure that we get a lot of opportunities to meet each other over a lot of future events. I can’t wait for the first event to unravel to be fair – cheesy but true, haha!

Oh, well.. As you might’ve guessed by my name I’m not from London – I am originally from Sweden and before I came here I studied in Sydney, Australia. I’m a happy pretend-to-be Londoner since 3 years and I’ve enjoyed every single rainy day so far and have no intention of leaving this city any time soon.

I love sushi, clever advertising, spinning and cycling, adventures, dogs, tech, Disclosure, exotic countries and meeting new people. I try to go to as many events as I can during the weeks and I believe it’s definitely one of the perks of living in London. There’s always something going on here and I’m not the one to stay at home – a perfect combo really.

Other than that I’d just like to say that I hope to see you at one of our events soon – and promise me to not be a stranger!

Speak soon,


And check out her typographic focussed Instagram too!

“16000 Chopsticks Challenge” Installation

Check out this incredible installation that was created for our recent Glug Beijing Event.

Jean-Charles Penot, French designer passionate about art and Asian culture has strong experiences in artistic creativity and advertising design. Jean-Charles came to be settled in China Four years ago after deciding to enhance his artistic skills with new inspiration. Seeing the difference in culture, inspired him to use materials that perhaps that were none conventional such as wood, soy sauce and fabric instead of paper and acrylics. This is when he made his step away from traditional flat canvases to 3D mediums such a sculpture and lighting. Working in event special design helped hone this thirst for this field allowing him to chose “Lighting” and “Interactive” methods as his preferred medium of choice when creating his installations. With him drawing this inspiration from everyday objects in his day to day life and travels throughout China and beyond.






by Jean-Charles Penot – Creative Director

Also take a look at the ‘Glugosaurus’ he’s also made for us for an earlier Beijing event.