10 Jul 2012

Holly Wales – Illustrator & Glugger

Big thanks to Holly Wales for supplying

10 Jul 2012

Big thanks to Holly Wales for supplying us with a fresh take on the Glug logo all done in felt pen. Lovely.


Here’s a litte more about her.


I am an illustrator and educator based in London, UK. I’m keen to learn new ways of making things look good and interested to work with people who do all sorts of things. I have worked for a number of international clients since founding my studio in 2006, including Bloomberg, Design Week, Deutsche Bank, Fallon, Financial Times, Frieze, Nestle, The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, The New York Times, Royal College of Art, The Telegraph, Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters and Wired. I also illustrates a regular weekly column, “Lives” for The New York Times Magazine.


Take a look at her folio here.




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