12 Jun 2012

Glug Edinburgh – DIY. 28.6.12. Lineup.

Hello Gluggers, especially those up there in

12 Jun 2012

Hello Gluggers, especially those up there in Scotland. We’re getting things moving for the first Glug Edinburgh event, date is confirmed; 28th June at the Caves, 6-9pm.


Just getting on with it, and ‘Doing It Yourself’ has always been a key characteristic of creative individuals. But creative folk also rarely work in isolation, and collaboration is also often at the heart of many inventive endeavours. The first Glug Edinburgh will hear from a range of inspiring talkers on this theme of DIY in its various guises; from Inventors, to Architects, to Illustrators and Performers.

Please join the meetup for further info.

Lovingly curated by Janine Matheson from Creative Edinburgh Twitter: @CreativeEdin


Dominic Wilcox is an artist, designer, inventor and ‘thinkeruper’

Malcy Duff – Illustrator + Musician

Anna Gibb – Graduate Architect and Illustrator


Paul Kerlaff – Designer


Stimulation from Analogue Books

Music from Song By Toad

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