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What is Glug?

Glug is a series of events for the design and creative community. Our showcase event is held in London but there are now many other events around the world.

Based around a series of talks and informal networking, Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well attended creative events around.

Established in 2007, it’s an eclectic mix of people from all creative walks of life; from advertising, graphic design and the visual arts through to fashion, architecture and the crafts.

It’s a fine melting pot indeed, regularly attended by creatives, students, clients, cultural voyeurs, hipsters and the industry elite. Come! Be intoxicated and inspired, you’re also bound to make some new contacts, friends and maybe even find that next job/contract/lover.

Be part of the movement.

Currently we’re popping up regularly in:

London, New York City, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Beijing, Brighton, Edinburgh, Auckland, Stockholm, Reading, Leeds & Oxford.


More Notworking than Networking™

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Global Goals 2017 — #Glug17



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Talk of the Month

Glug Manchester — Launch

May 2016

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Want to get involved at Glug?

If you fancy a turn on the stage speaking at Glug, selling some of your wares in the stalls or maybe even helping us out on the night as a volunteer then please fill in this little form, it won’t take long we promise!

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We’re not looking for sponsors, we’re looking for likeminds. Partners who want to celebrate creative ambition, to grow and change with us. If you think that sounds interesting and you fancy reaching a global audience, then drop us an email.

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